Corolla Slush & drink dispensers.

Slush/Granitas offer affordable treats all year round. During summers their popularity soars. Corolla beverage dispensers, with their smart & compact technology, maintain consistency of products, while offering superior visibility.

Corolla Slush
Corolla Slush My Granita

My Granita

– Powerful refrigeration system

– Wireless illumination under lid.

– Level warning on drip tray

Corolla Slush electric water juice dispenser


  – Electronic thermostat

– Suitable for Cold drinks, Juice with pulp, Cold Coffee, Milk based drinks, Tea etc.

–  Rotating paddle to keep drinks    consistent.

– Removable containers.

Capacity Cold drinks Slush / Granita Dim Power
Model Tanks x lt cm L x W x H Watts
My Granita 1S 1 x 12 Yes Yes 27 x 52 x 81 499
My Granita 2S 2 x 12 Yes Yes 47 x 52 x 81 1000
My Granita 3S 3 x 12 Yes Yes 67 x 52 x 81 1544
Corolla 1S 1 x 12 Yes No 23 x 43 x 63 268
Corolla 2S 1 x 12 Yes No 43 x 43 x 63 291
Corolla 3S 1 x 12 Yes No 63 x 43 x 63 356
Corolla Slush CHOCOFAIRY

Could you think of anything better than Chocolates to invoke dreams of fancy? And what could be more magical than sipping on the food of the Gods, the fluidity seducting your senses, the aroma mesmerising you & getting carried away by the richness. Spoil your guests with hot & thick drinking chocolate, and watch them lose themselves in this permissible sin. This hot Chocolate dispenser with ‘Bain Marie’ technology, Chocofairy from Corolla, preserves the original flavour & aroma of Chocolate & doesn’t let it dry up.

– Thermostatically adjustable heating
– Mixing paddle for consistency & temperature stratification
– Self closing spigots
– Removable bowl
– Drip tray with level indicator
– Water level indicator for Bain marie tank

Bowl Capacity Dim. Power
Model Lt cm L x W x H Watts
Chocofairy 5 5 29 x 42 x 47 1000
Chocofairy 10 10 29 x 42 x 58 1000