Who are we?

We are you. Just a passionate, just as enthusiastic, just as experimental, just as curious. Our passion keeps us committed to the world desserts. Our enthusiasm keep us afloat against currents. Our experiments allow us to share wonderful discoveries. Our curiosity fuels our passion.

Our product range includes

Chocolates, Praline Fillings, Pie Fillings and Glazes, Ice Cream Flavours, Stabilizers, Ice cream Ingredients, Toppings and Decorations,Frozen Fruits and Purees, Bakery Mixes

Like you, we dream to paint the world with sweetness & believe desserts are the answer to an increasingly impulsive world. We go great lengths to select the very best of anything that could make your dessert better to savour.We present to you a selected range of brands, each a segment leader in the field of

Confectionery products. Today we develop, produce and supply food ingredients to Chocolatiers,Bakers & Confectioners and Ice Cream machinery for Pastry,

We persevere to change the way the world perceives, consumes & enjoys desserts. And for this, we shall endeavor to have the finest of all that we provide. This sums up our vision, mission & philosophy.


Our Mission is to rejuvenate India’s outlook towards the Bakery and Confectionery Industry. We want tobring the sweet flavours of world,currently unexplored in the Indian market by following consumer preferences.


Our vision is to bring in new Technology and Products into the market with a view to attract consumer desires.
Our fresh approach and clarity of thought is an integral part of our business strategy and the quality of taste that we promise with our services.

Our Team

  • A growing company, we have around 125 people spread across the country, grouping as teams specialized in particular tasks, each instrumental in our client’s success.
  • A core team identifies & selects brands & products to be promoted in the relevant segments.
  • A team of well-trained pastry chefs experiment on the products, formulates a range of end products suited to please assorted palettes. Yes, this team is glad to share secrets with you & train you in bringing out the best.
  • A well aware team of sales personnel travel corners of the country to spread the word in detail.
  • A well experienced & factory trained team of technical personnel keep a hawk’s eye on your precious machinery & ensure they outlast your expectations.
  • An edgy team of logistics personnel monitor consignments; ingredients, machinery & spares; from the moment they are packed, till they are in your safe hands.
  • A network of distributors, based strategically in important towns, liaise with customers & keep us on our toes to maintain stock.
  • And a silent & unseen team of back office members that ensure all the teams are well coordinated.