Bake Stable Fruit Fillings

Products Various ready-to-use fruit Fillings with high fruit content (up to 60%) and excellent taste made out of first-class fruits
Huge variety of tastes in different sizes of packaging made out of whole fruit, fruit puree or pieces of fruit. Our Fruit Fillings are also freeze-thaw stable.

fruit fillings


Use as filling for all kind of cakes. Also mixed with crema and powder whipped cream for giving more flavor. You can use a filling with special chocolate, biscuit, cakes, mille-feuille dough, croissant of cookies and chestnut puree. It can be use in waffels as crema.

Description Packing in kg
Delifruit Apple 50% 2.7
Delifruit Apricot 2.7
Delifruit Black Currant 2.7
Delifruit Blueberry 2.7
Delifruit Dark Cherry 2.7
Delifruit Fruit of the Forest 2.7
Delifruit Orange 2.7
Delifruit Passion Fruit 2.7
Delifruit Pineapple 2.7
Delifruit Raspberry 2.7
Delifruit Red Cherry 2.7
Delifruit Strawberry 2.7
Delifruit Lemon 2.7
Delifruit Peach 2.7
Delifruit Rum and Raisin 3.1

Getting in the best of thick Glazes in Neutral, Chocolate & White forms, used for topping on desserts.

Description Pkg. Kg
Decorgel Neutral glaze 3.15
Decorgel Chocolate glaze 3.15
Decorgel White glaze 3.15