Transfer Sheets

Create exquisite chocolate pieces and professional looking desserts with our chocolate transfer sheets. You can use these transfer sheets with magnetic chocolate molds or to decorate cakes and pastries. To use, simply spread melted chocolate on the sheet and the designs will transfer to the chocolate as it cools and hardens. Very versatile, these sheets work on all kinds and colors of chocolates. The chocolate sheets can be cut into strips and shaped and can be used as a band around a cake or pastry or be used to decorate cookies with flat sides.


Edible Colors

Food coloring, or color additive, is any dye, pigment or substance that imparts color when it is added to food or drink. They come in many forms consisting of liquids, powder, gels and pastes. Food coloring is used both in commercial food production and in domestic cooking.

  1. Water Soluble
  2. Oil Soluble
  3. Pearl Color
  4. Metallic Color
Cocoa Butter Colors

Make your work easier with these ready to use coloured cocoa butters which will assure you as perfect coloring. Use these cocoa butters to create your own unique chocolate candies, confectionery designs and transfer sheets. They can be applied directly to chocolate molds or acetate sheets using a brush, airbrush, power sprayer, even your finger!

  1. Natural Cocoa Butter Color
  2. Pearl Cocoa Butter Color
  3. Metallic Cocoa Butter Color

With the Callebaut Crispearls you add a remarkably seductive chocolate touch to your pastries, desserts and pralines. On top, their crunchy biscuit heart makes them completely irresistible. Brand new is the great choice you have now: dark, milk, and white chocolate and salted caramel.

Product Name Product Description Product Code Packing
Crispearls Dark Tiny, shiny pearls in dark chocolate with a crunchy, toasted biscuit kernel CED-CC-D1CRISP-W97 800 gm
Crispearls Salted Caramel Tiny, shiny pearls in salted caramel with a crunchy, toasted biscuit kernel CEF-CC-CARAMEL-W97 800 gm
Mini Chocolate Crispearls Mixed dark, milk and white chocolate pearls with crispy heart CEM-CC-MINIMIX-999 425 gm

Presented in a chocolate cup, your desserts, pastries and confectionery will get an even more tasty and seductive look. These decorations are made of 100% Callebaut chocolate – a treat for the eyes and taste buds. Fill them with a ganache, crème, caramel, mousse or fruit, anything goes. Callebaut’s chocolate cups are also a great idea for dessert plates and larger events.

Product Name Product Description Product Code Packing
Snobinettes Dark Very small carved Chocolate cups with handcrafted look CHD-CP- 05766-999 270 PC/ Box
A La Carte Cups Dark Chocolate Cups CHD-CP-07566-999 432 pc / Box


Sensation Callets

One glance at the new Callets sensation is enough to be seduced. Everyone is attracted to their shape – no two identical – and deep shine, reminiscent of pearls. And their taste? Simply irresistible in 100% of Callebaut’s classic dark or milk chocolate or in a unique marbled chocolate mix. Great for decoration, perfect for resale.

Product Name Product Description Product Code Packing
Sensation Dark Dark chocolate pearls made with 100% dark Callebaut chocolate. They have a well-balanced, bitter cocoa taste. CHD-SC-811NV 2.5Kg Bag
Sensation Milk Never was milk chocolate so seductive! Made with 100% milk Callebaut chocolate Select 823NV. The taste is a perfect balance of milk, cocoa and caramel touches. CHM-SC-823NV 2.5Kg Bag

Truffle shells are the ideal base for perfectly round pralines and truffles. Simple fill them with your ganache, crème, caramel or filling and enjoy their rich chocolate flavor. Whether pure or filled, truffle shells also serve beautifully as decoration on desserts, pastries and ice cream cakes.

Product Name Product Description Product Code Packing
Truffle Shells Dark Dark Belgian chocolate CHD-TS-17137-999 504 pc / 1.36 kg box
Truffle Shells Milk Belgian Milk chocolate CHM-TS-17140-999 504 pc / 1.36 kg Box
Truffle Shells White Belgian Milk chocolate CHW-TS-17141-999 504 pc / 1.36 kg Box