Elle & Vire

Boldness, style and elegance are the key words of the French Touch. Passed down to chefs and artisans from the hands of their predecessors, this creative and unique vision allows French gastronomy to continuously reinvent itself. Elle & Vire’s international stance is not recent: Since the 1960s, the brand has been seeking to develop sales in France and worldwide. This international desire has been consolidated over the years to become a major developmental strand for the business.

Excellence Whipping Cream

Ideal to use plain or flavoured with vanilla and whipped,Elle & Vire® Excellence 35% Whipping Cream is specially designed for chefs who value taste.

The technical performances of Elle & Vire® Excellence Whipping Cream (ideally suited for incorporation in recipes or for dessert decorations) and its exceptional dairy-fresh fl vour make it most likely one of the best whipping creams, enhancing the talent and creations of top chefs in fi ne cuisine.

Elle & Vire 35% excellence cooking cream is a cream with a low reduction rate and fast cooking time, which retains all of the flavours and nutritional properties of the ingredients while saving time, practical packaging allowing for easier dosage and optimum conservation. Elle & Vire Professional Excellence Cooking Cream combines flavour with technical qualities. Made using traditional Normandy methods, the cream is ideal for use in sauces and cream-based recipes.

Perfect Consistency: Smooth and homogeneous even with acidic ingredients.
Excellent performance for making quick sauces at high temperature.

Performance Universal Cream
Universal Performance Cream 35% fat is a versatile cream for both pastry and cooking applications. Its 2L format (economical and handy) combines with its technical performance make it  an ideal cream suitable for large-volume users.

  •  Firm hold for decorating purposes
  •  Creamy & smooth texture
  • 2-in-1 product: ideal for whipping and cooking applications
  • Characteristic dairy taste
  • Large 2L format