Frozen Fruits & Purees from Dirafrost

Dirafrost’s vision is to be a preferred partner for frozen fruit solutions, through our passion for quality, supply chain excellence & customer proximity.

Frozen Fruits & Purees from Dirafrost

Our fruit purees offer constant taste & colour for foodservice, artisan bakery and the food industry. The ingredients are sourced by fruit experts and carefully processed by production team at low temperature and flash-pasteurized, to preserve the fruit’s natural taste & colour. Available with or with no added sugar. /p>

Name Packing
Passion Fruit Puree 1kg X 4
Raspberry Puree 1kg X 4
Pineapple Puree 1kg X 4
Apricot Puree 1kg X 4
Strawberry Puree 1kg X 4
Mango Puree Filling 1kg X 4
Apple Puree 1kg X 4
Banana Puree 1kg X 4
Blackberry Puree 1kg X 4
Blueberry Puree 1kg X 4
Coconut Puree 1kg X 4

Frozen fruits IQF are cultivated in the right conditions to ensure perfect quality. Each fruit is frozen shortly after harvest to guarantee optimum taste & freshness. Beautiful & tasty fruits for the professional to create great tasting desserts & delicacies

Name Packing
Strawberry Frozen Iqf 2.5Kg 2.5kg x 4
Blackberry Frozen 1kg x 5
Red Currant 1kg x 5
Black Currant Frozen 1kg x 5
Blueberry Frozen 1kg x 5
Cranberries Frozen 1kg x 5
Fruit Of Forest Frozen 2.5kg x 4
Raspberry Frozen 2.5Kg 2.5kg x 4
Sour Cherry Frozen 1kg x 5
Rhubarb 1kg x 5