Premium Chocolates from Belgium

Callebaut has created and perfected a complete range of different flavours for its dark, milk and white chocolates.Each recipe is unique and is composed of the finest ingredients: cocoa liquor,cocoa butter,milk powder,sugar and vanilla. These unique chocolates can be obtained only by carefully mixing the ingredients in the proportions characteristics to the recipe , and by conching with patience and precision.We offer a wide choice of taste sensations in dark chocolate ranging from extra bitter to sweet.


We offer Choclat d’ Origin in many unique chocolates from specific cocoa regions with a very limited volume of production.. Every origin chocolate is distinguishable by its characteristic taste,which is determined by the cocoa variety with which is made.

Description Details Packing Kgs
Ecaudor (70.4% Cocoa) Fruity combined with notes of rum, whisky & tobacco 2.5
Sao Thome (70% Cocoa) Rich-tasting with flavours of red & yellow fruits 2.5
Madagaskar (67.4% Cocoa) Intense cocoa, notes of raspberries, juniper berries, apricot & bananas 2.5
Brazil (66.8% Cocoa) Intense bitter and sour cocoa flavour, notes of unripe banana & smoky hints 2.5
Arriba (39% Cocoa) Roasted notes, rich creamy & sweet caramel flavours with refreshing fruity nuances 2.5
Java (32.9% Cocoa) Caramellic milk chocolate with hints of delicate yellow fruits 2.5
DESCRIPTION Details Packing Kgs
 Dark Chocolate (54.5% Cocoa) Smooth & well-balanced chocolate with vanilla note 2.5
Milk Chocolate – 823 (33.6% Cocoa) Perfect marriage of cocoa, milk & caramel 2.5
White Chocolate – W2 (28% Cocoa) Balanced milk and creamy taste with vanilla notes 2.5
Extra bitter – 70:30 (70% Cocoa) Extra-bitter dark chocolate with a boost of roasted cocoa 2.5
Gold Chocolate – Gold (30.4% Cocoa) Well balanced caramel chocolate, with rich notes of toffee, butter, cream & dash of salt. 2.5
Ruby Chocolate – RB1 (47.3% Cocoa) Intense fruitiness & fresh sour note 2.5

Callebaut offers you a selection of fine chocolates with no added sugar. The sugar in their recipes has been replaced by a sweetener-Maltitol, yet all the products taste nearly identical to the traditional products.

Description Details Packing Kgs
MALCHOC-DARK (53.9 %Cocoa)  Dark Chocolate with sweetener 5
MALCHOC-MILK (33.9% Cocoa)  Milk  Chocolate with sweetener 5
MALCHOC-WHITE (30.6% Cocoa) White Chocolate with sweetener 5

We offer a selection of high-quality semi-finished products that can be used as ingredients for many different applications. They are based on our selection of the finest cocoa beans that we roast, break and process into premium quality cocoa mass, cocoa butter or cocoa powder. They are differentiating products for the professional who wants to create, starting from absolute purity. They are great too for the professional who wants to customize the taste.

Cocoa Powder: The most versatile cocoa product with a variety off applications across bakery, pastry, ice cream, milkshakes, desserts. Do not miss to try this pure natural high fat cocoa powder with the real flavour of chocolate

Mycryo Butter : Cocoa Butter in powder form. Suitable for tempering of chocolates

Description Deatils Code Packing Kgs
Cocoa Powder High Fat 22-24% CP777 and CP 776 5 and 1
Cocoa Nibs Crushed Cocoa kernels NIBS-S502 0.80
Cocoa Butter Cocoa Butter CB 4
Mycryo Butter MycryoCocoa Butter in Powder Form NCB-HD706 0.60


Callebaut selects premium grades of hazelnuts and almonds of Turkish and Californian origin. They are roasted, ground and caramelised into the fine, homogeneous nut pastes and pralines with the authentic taste Callebaut is renowned for. The range varies from pure, unsweetened hazelnut paste to sweet, traditional hazelnut, almond or mixed pralines. All these nut pastes are ideal for flavouring fillings.
Our giandujas and hazelnut crèmes combine fineness and convenience. These mixtures of chocolate and hazelnut paste are ready to use: just cut them or pipe them as a filing. The hazelnut creams are slightly softer in texture. Both giandujas and hazelnut crèmes make a great filling in moulded pralines or can be enrobed after cutting

Description Details Code Packing Kgs
Hazelnut praline Nut filling PRA 5
Caramel Fill Caramel FWF – Z2CARA 5
Pale Gianduja Nut filling GIA 5
Almond Hazelnut Praline Nut filling PRAMANO 5

Callebaut offers a selection of high-quality semi-finished product that can be used as an ingredient as well as decoration for many different applications.

Description Details Code Packing Kgs
Pailette Feulletine French Biscuit Crunch M7 Pail 2.5
Pure Hazelnut Paste 100% Hazelnut Paste PNP 5
Pure Pista Paste 100% Pista Paste 1
Bake Stable sticks Does not burn at 200 °C in oven 200 °C TB-55-6 1.6

Tintoretto is a basic range of delicious, ready-to-use praline fillings, available in a wide variety of flavours from neutral to mocha, orange etc. These are ideal both for piping into moulded pralines and for being enrobed. Furthermore, you can add crunchy textures to any Tintoretto filling: brésilienne, pailleté feuilletine, caramelised biscuits, nougatine, cornflakes, coffee grounds, cocoa nibs, etc. The special composition of Tintoretto keeps the texture crunchy for months.You could also use them as flavours for cakes and desserts

Description Details Code Packing Kgs
Tintoretto Basic White White Praline filling with Neutral taste FNW-L0040 5
Tintoretto Basic Milk Brown Praline filling with Neutral taste FNM-L0540 5
Tintoretto Coconut White Praline filling with Coconut Flavour FNF-L0040CO 5

Coloured and flavoured Callets™ offer the best of both worlds: you can choose from delicious white or milk chocolate enriched with a dash of caramel, cappuccino or honey or from confectionery with a fine fruit flavour and colour. They are ideal for adding exciting new flavours and colours to mousses, crèmes, bavarois…or for the creation of playful decorations.

Description % Cocoa Solids Code Packing
Dark Shells 56.1 CHD-TS-25 504PCS/BOX
Milk Shells 30.8 CHM-TS-25 504PCS/BOX
White Shells 30 CHW-TS-25 504PCS/BOX