Premium Chocolates from France

Not every Cocoa bean gets to be a Cacao Barry product. The most finicky selectors filter out the most deserving beans of pedigree, put them to the most demanding scrutiny & filter out only the best of the best. And thus you get what only Connoisseurs would select. Cacao Barry products are regarded amongst the premium-most of Chocolates & Cocoa products.

Cacao Barry
Cacao Barry

Grown in limited volumes, Cocoa beans selected for origin Couvertures originate in particular countries. This offers you exceptional Chocolates with distinct personalities, peculiar & reminiscent of that country.

Description Type Packing
SAINT DOMINGUE (Cocoa 70%) Dark 5Kg
TANZANIE (Cocoa 75%) Dark 5Kg
VENEZUELA(Cocoa 72%) Dark 5Kg
GHANA (Cocoa 40%) Milk 5Kg
Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry has a range that almost intuitive to the whims of Chocolatiers. subtle or strong, bitter or sweet, smooth textured or coarse, whatever your Chocolatier mind desires, there’s always a Chocolate that’ll satiate.

Description Type Packing
EXCELLENCE (Cocoa 55%) Dark 5Kg
LACTEE BARRY (Cocoa 35.3%) Milk 5Kg
BLANC SATIN (Cocoa 29.2%) White 5Kg

Plein Arome: High Fat Cocoa Powder (22-24%) with intense cocoa taste suitable for various applications in bakery, pastry, ice creams, milkshakes, health bars and many more..

Grand Caraque: A mass of pure cocoa (100%) giving fondants a deep chocolate colour and subtly dampening the sweetness.

Cacao Barry
Description Product Packing
PLEIN AROME (Cocoa 100%, Cocoa Butter 22-24%) Cocoa Powder 1Kg
GRAND CARAQUE (Cocoa 100%, Cocoa Butter 54%) Cocoa Mass 3Kg

Pralin Feuilletine : Ready-to-use for pastries and confectionery. It is made of Feuilletine. Almond and hazelnut praline & milk chocolate couverture.

Cara Crakine : Made of caramel milk chocolate and toasted biscuit cereals, this is ready to use for pastries and confectionery.

Cacao Barry
Description Details Packing
PRALINE FEUILLETINE French Biscuit with Hazelnut Praline Hazelnut 12% , Almonds 12% 5kg buckets
CARA CRAKINE 17% cereals Biscuits toastees 5kg buckets