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Tools & Accessories
chocolate molds

Chocolate moulds are hollow containers used to give shape to liquid chocolate when it cools and hardens and can be made of plastic, rubber or special polycarbonate materials.
Over time, the styles of chocolate moulds have become classy with these value additions.

Delta has supplying below mould :


Mixers/blenders are often unseen heroes in ice-cream & pastry making. The right mixer ensures proper emulsification, right consistency & prevents lumping. The wrong ones could ruin the end product. Dynamic mixers are designed with the dessert industry in mind. Each mixer has a specific purpose & mixing shafts lengths are according to motor torque. Patented designs ensure long life & safety.

Sauce dispensers

Dispensers provide hygiene and efficiency and a proper dosing ensures ease of use. Sauce dispensers for dressings, syrups, etc. These are lever-action dispensers and push button dispensers which are suitable for hot and cold sauces and used in snack bars, restaurants, catering etc.

Chocolate Holding Tank

The tanks are ideal for melting chocolate and for holding tempered and melted chocolate at the required temperature. They are particularly good for commercial purpose.

wheel Chocolate Tempering Machine

The chocolate tempering machine is every connosieurs dream. It helps in the bulk tempering of Chocolate where you could make artisanal chocolate with precision. At the click of a button you could have volumes of tempered chocolate at your disposal.


Sensation Callets

One glance at the new Callets sensation is enough to be seduced. Everyone is attracted to their shape – no two identical – and deep shine, reminiscent of pearls. And their taste? Simply irresistible in 100% of Callebaut’s classic dark or milk chocolate or in a unique marbled chocolate mix. Great for decoration, perfect for resale.

Product Name Product Description Product Code Packing
Sensation Dark Dark chocolate pearls made with 100% dark Callebaut chocolate. They have a well-balanced, bitter cocoa taste. CHD-SC-811NV 2.5Kg Bag
Sensation Milk Never was milk chocolate so seductive! Made with 100% milk Callebaut chocolate Select 823NV. The taste is a perfect balance of milk, cocoa and caramel touches. CHM-SC-823NV 2.5Kg Bag

Truffle shells are the ideal base for perfectly round pralines and truffles. Simple fill them with your ganache, crème, caramel or filling and enjoy their rich chocolate flavor. Whether pure or filled, truffle shells also serve beautifully as decoration on desserts, pastries and ice cream cakes.

Product Name Product Description Product Code Packing
Truffle Shells Dark Dark Belgian chocolate CHD-TS-17137-999 504 pc / 1.36 kg box
Truffle Shells Milk Belgian Milk chocolate CHM-TS-17140-999 504 pc / 1.36 kg Box
Truffle Shells White Belgian Milk chocolate CHW-TS-17141-999 504 pc / 1.36 kg Box